Insecta Mandala

 “You are such a perfect little arrangement of atoms.”


                 Dear scientific mind I fell in love with,  who questions everything, who believes in no soul, but has the most gentle soul I have ever encountered, who possesses a vast store of knowledge in his lovely mind, who will generously and contentedly share that knowledge with anyone, who is the most non-judgemental person I have ever known, you are truly beautiful. Inside and out. Thank you for letting me in.


To create my first mandala, I used pencil to sketch, Faber Castell art pens to outline details, and acrylic paint. I was able to paint with many bright and vibrant colors, and went a little crazy with the metallic silver paint. But overall, was quite enjoyable and fun to create. Definitely a cool way to obtain a little bit of patience, which is a virtue I greatly lack.


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