Kalan’s Character Study

Creating my next character, I used pencil to sketch, and Koi watercolors.




Name: Kalan (means slender, fair) 

Hair color: Black       Eye Color: Blue/Green

Age: 2163 years old Fae age/ human years roughly 116 years old

Height: 6/3              Weight: 160 pounds

Kalan is an immortal Light Fae warrior. He stopped aging around 396 years old Fae time, about 33 years old human years.

He is married to Aruna (whom he adores), an Anwar Elf from the elven land of Rhunduin.

Kalan is aligned with the Light Fae, the Anwar elves, and some Dark Fae.

Kalan loves collecting and reading human books. And books on old Fae magick.

He is a major people person. Pretty much gets along with everyone who comes in contact with him.

Kalan has a huge, warm smile, and deep gentle voice others find soothing, especially his wife, Aruna.

In the evenings in Alethea, he enjoys reading his books aloud under his favorite trees. Kalan’s light combined with the light of Little Fae (whom I will study later), provides a circumference of light that illuminates their reading sessions in the darkest of nights.






16 thoughts on “Kalan’s Character Study

  1. I really like this one, he seems to be an interesting character and as always with characters that are immortal it provides a sense of mystery into their knowledge, as they must have an abundance of it, even more so with being a bookworm haha.

    It’s random as well I’ve just posted my latest piece and the character I have drawn is also a bookworm and has a book, great minds and all that. πŸ™‚

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      1. I had a very cold Tri to the zoo which I still enjoyed my two grandsons, Skyler and Micah. My oldest daughter and her new boyfriend were able to go and it was special.
        I hope you have lovey and special moments during this holiday season, Ash. hugs xo

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