Eleanora/Dark Fae Character Study

I created Eleanora using a 0.7 millimeter mechanical pencil, and Koi watercolors. I began adding characters of the darker realms with Eleanora. Where there is light, there also must be dark.

Name: Eleanora (sympathy, compassion)

Age: 2112 years fae age/ 112 years human age

Hair: Blonde  Eyes: Green/ Gold

Height: 4 feet 4 inches  

Weight: 83 pounds

            Eleanora is an immortal. Her body stopped aging, from experiencing intense trauma at a young age, at 204 years fae age /17 years human age. She was born a Dark Fae from Ciardha, the Dark Fae village. Eleanora was kidnapped as a child fae by Goblins from the Goblin city of Gethen. She was raised darkly through abuse and mistreatment. Eleanora is a survivor. She is strong-willed, witty, and wicked smart. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on. Eleanora is a stealthy thief, and steals for the Goblins. She is used for her master thievery and as an amusing toy for the Goblin’s evil enjoyment. Eleanora plans to escape her captors and has studied quite a lot of black magick. This is one ticked off little fairy who is old, patient, wise, and ready to reclaim her freedom. The Goblins who claim her should be afraid. Eleanora is a Dark Fae force to be reckoned with.



11 thoughts on “Eleanora/Dark Fae Character Study

  1. I love the work and hope to see how her story unfolds, will it be a happy ending for her or will the use of dark magic end up coming at a price steeper than the one she’s already paying in servitude to the goblins? So many different paths to take and countless possible outcomes.

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