R3fl3ctions… — lay3rs of z3n


He didn’t need to read me like a book, flip through the pictures or scan the SparkNotes. All he needed was to read the blurb on the jacket. The rest was easy. He read me like a story at his pace. Wanting to make it a part of his life and keep it close to […]

via R3fl3ctions… — lay3rs of z3n

Thank you Layers of Zen for allowing me to create art with one of your beautiful poems. When I read your R3fl3ctions, it made me think of a patient, understanding man who genuinely cares about his lover. My dearest daydream as a young girl also came flooding back of having a man I love that loves me back read aloud to me from one of my favorite books. With these thoughts created from your lovely poem, I painted an intimate moment depicting a man genuinely and patiently bonding with his lover.





24 thoughts on “R3fl3ctions… — lay3rs of z3n

  1. OMGosh! I adore this so much, ArtAsp! Words fail…often, one never knows what others feel or see from a poem or verse. This is lovely. Humbled…beautiful work. *big hugs*

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