Kaleb and Emmy’s Character Studies

Emmy as a young, troubled girl. She is loved and protected by a light fae warrior named Kaleb. Emmy is half human, and half elven maiden which she does not know. I will do a more in depth character study of Emmy later.

Cold sweats, shivering, scared. Night terrors riddle my mind, my dreams. I have to pee so bad, I start peeing on my bedroom carpet. Just little spots here and there, not to make a huge puddle in one area. Staying inside my little room quiet and hidden is better than waking up who is sleeping down the hall. Can’t sleep. The nightmares will return. Some reoccurring, some new. There is a square shaped hole in the corner of my room to hold the air vent. I lift up the metal screen gently and crawl in, fitting my body neatly inside. It is a spot to go to feel safe. I sit with my knees pulled up to my chest. My eleven year old self rocking back and forth. Letting my mind drift away in my imagination, letting it engulf me. My Shadowman is here. I am not alone. I feel comfort. He whispers his name. Kaleb.

Name: Kaleb

Age: 2151 fae years, 111 human years

Height: 6/2     Weight: 157 pounds

Eyes: Green/Gold   Hair: Reddish Brown

Kaleb is a light fae warrior from Alethea. His body stopped aging at 372 fae years, which is 31 human years.  Kaleb’s brother is the light fae warrior Kalan.

Kaleb is alligned with the Light Fae, some Dark Fae, and Anwar elves.

He is good friends with Fagan, a Dark Fae from Ciardha, the Dark Fae village.

Kaleb is immortal. He was wounded in battle with a magick forged blade, leaving his face scarred on the left side.

Kaleb loves a half-human half-elven maiden named Emmy from the human realm. He watches over her whenever possible. Kaleb wants to cross her over to his realm to be with him. Will get more in depth with why he can not yet later in the studies.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!    Ash 🙂


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