“Those that lack friends to open themselves unto are cannibals of their own hearts.”

                 -Francis Bacon

The little dark fae Marcella frightened in the woods of Ciardha.

           I was inspired in drawing my little fairy from a friend of mine when I was nineteen. My friend Marcella was an illegal immigrant that came to America as a mail order bride. The man she was supposed to marry turned out to be an abusive asshole so she ended up unmarried with no green card. We bonded as we worked late together in the same bar for under the table wages. Marcella was soft spoken and so sweet, and always had a deep sadness about her. She was tall and beautiful, short blonde hair in a bob, and light blue eyes. She hated going home alone so I started sleeping overnight at her apartment after work some nights and heading home on the train in the late morning. We would snuggle up on her huge bed in her tiny studio apartment and drink white wine, eat cheese and crackers, and talk. We usually talked about our childhood and how we grew up. One story she told me has always stuck with me. Marcella told me a memory she had as a little girl where she and other little children were running through  a wooded area in her country. Dummy dolls hung from the tree limbs in the form of dead bodies. Adults would chase behind them shouting loudly so the children didn’t stop until they reached the “safe zone”. Marcella described how cold it was outside and how scared she was running past the tree dummies and the loud shouts behind her. She explained her country did this often to prepare the children for a situation of war or invasion of their country. This story was hard to believe, but I did because of the emotion eminating from her as she told me. Marcella also told me she was proud to have been raised in her country as she had been and that those experiences were frightening as a child, but molded her into a strong and fearless woman. I loved Marcella and it hurt me to picture her as a scared little girl, frightened in those cold woods. And it hurt me when one day she was just gone. Never came back to work, and I never saw or heard from her again. Wherever she is today, I hope Marcella shed some of her sadness and found some peace.

                           Ash πŸ™‚ 

I hope everyone has a lovely evening! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



38 thoughts on “Marcella

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to a missing friend, with any luck it done her a world of favours in the marriage not going ahead and she’s now better off for it. The painting captures the emotion of her tale very well, a deep sadness but a sense of protection is also present. Lovely work as ever Ash! πŸ™‚

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  2. This was a lovely piece of art in tribute to a friend who meant a lot to you, as she surely cared about you, too. Ash, hope she somehow sees this through her own way of connecting in the world. So sorry you never had a chance to say goodbye. ❀ Hugs, Robin xo

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