My Valentine’s Day Field Guide

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.”

            -Carrie Bradshaw

      I have mapped out my Valentine’s Day tomorrow with a handy “love myself” field guide. Being single doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has to suck.
                  My V-Day Field Guide

Buy myself chocolates: the biggest and gaudiest heart shaped box of eat my emotions.

Take a steaming hot bath overloaded with delicate floral scented bath bombs of swirling pinks, purples, and blues. Soak my skin in the sweet aroma of self love, listening to Etta James, Louis Armstrong, and Nat King Cole until satisfyingly pruny.

Wear the softest oversized t-shirt I own, and hot pink fluffy socks. Light about five different floral scented candles in my room. Spend quality time browsing the Romance category on Netflix, then binge watch some horror movies.

Stand on my head for one minute, and then do some guided relaxation meditations on self love.

To end the evening, pop a Melatonin and get an amazing night’s sleep.

If I stick to my field guide, I should have an awesome day tomorrow. Hope everyone has an awesome Valentine’s Day too!

                     Ash  🙂 


35 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Field Guide

  1. Wonderful ideas and exciting thoughts, Ash! This would be a delightful and relaxing Valentine’s Day celebration! Hope you feel better, too. Breaks in life are good from work, relationships and sometimes even friends need space!
    xoxo ❤ hugs!!

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