Elrian and Ashryn

For my next characters, I used a 7mm pencil to sketch, and prismacolor colored pencils to add color. I had an old sketch I wanted to redraw and finally work on and add to my art journal of character studies.


Elrian and Ashryn

Valynowen, an elven mage of the Anwar elves of Rhunduin, plots against an elven maiden Ashryn. Ashryn is loved by a dark fae named Elrian from Ciardha. Valynowen is insanely jealous of their love, and wants Elrian for her own. Valynowen plots against the unknowing couple, she murders Ashryn in a jealous rage, and curses the beautiful Elrian to walk the rest of his days as a hybrid wolf fae.

           You. Now a fading memory.

Flickering off and on, like a light bulb dimming and dying out.

You were once safe, stored away in a compartment of my mind.

Vivid and clear. I was confident in your heady memory. 

Now a mere shadow.

An empty canvas I continuously repaint.

Each time is more difficult than the last.

I’m forgetting your facial features.

Everything a discombobulated blur.

The sound of your voice.

A static hum of white noise. 

Loud and confusing.

I am in anguish.

I weep.

Clammy and ill.

Piteously grasping on to a dying memory, slowly being eaten by a black void.

Broken and not whole.


I am alone.



29 thoughts on “Elrian and Ashryn

  1. Excellent post as always Ash and I’m hoping that Elrian will get justice for the jealous actions of Valynowen; another great addition to your growing journal of characters and underlying stories! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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