The Kept Lady

“Freedom lies in being bold.”                   

 -Robert Frost 

       For my next art journal entry I used a 7mm mechanical pencil to sketch, then added color with Prismacolor colored pencils.


You have ravaged me,
taken my body,

my flesh you have hurt.

The rough, wet touches of your tongue make me ill,

each pain you inflict only strengthens my resolve.

I can not deaden my senses to your touch,

as you burn with eager lust, 

greedily taking what you crave,

inside I am burning coals of rage.

The time will come, 

when you least expect it, 

your screams of ecstatic pleasure will be screams of agony,

you will be my toy then.

The harsh, coarsness of your flesh will be soft and pliable,

against the sharp point of my dagger,

I will find sweet ecstasy in sinking it’s blade into your grotesque heart.


My dagger,

my anxious death wielding dagger!

Stolen from beside your sweaty and naked carcass of a body,

passed out and drained from ravaging me.

Yes, we shall play soon,

my tormentor, my captor,

then I shall be set free.


Hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming weekend!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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